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pH Balancing

What is pH Balancing & Why is it Important?

Combine inadequate nutrition, the high level of toxins in our environment, and the various stressors of modern living and bodily pH can easily be jostled out of balance. And while the innate wisdom of the body maintains a constant pH of 6-7.5 (optimal pH is 7.365, so slightly alkaline), it often does so at the cost of the body’s mineral stores. It is widely understood that such mineral depletion is not supportive of health and often goes unnoticed, happening quietly in the background.  A balance between acid and alkaline is ideal; thus learning tools to create an optimally alkaline bodily environment can be helpful for those wishing to maintain wellness.

How Do We Help to Balance pH in the Body? ​

An imbalance in pH equals an unbalanced you – your body will attempt to right the imbalance and use up the nutrients you need most to maintain a good pH. Lowered nutrient levels can impact mood, energy levels, immunity, digestion, detoxification, organ function and so much more that happens behind the scenes. That’s why it’s important to avoid prolonged states of acidosis, or the less common alkalosis. The key is the balance.

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