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Lymphatic Enhancement Treatment (LET)

What is Lymphatic Enhancement Treatment (LET)?​

Over time we found that many of our clients were looking for new ways to reach a state of deep ease and relaxation. One of the most effective ways we’ve found to calm the mind and body, improve memory and focus, and support healthy sleep habits is Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy! 

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy is an extremely relaxing treatment which involves the use of both the Lymphstar Pro Fusion, a machine which uses vibrational energy technology, and a hands-on technique.  This therapy works more efficiently and deeper than Manual Lymph Drainage techniques alone.

Why Health Conscious Individuals Should Try LET...​

The lymphatic system is like a vital 'RIVER OF LIFE' within us because it transports the fluid that cleanses every cell and organ in the body! It is THE pathway for TOXINS to exit from the blood and from the spaces between the cells. It is essentially the information highway of our immune system and properlymph FLOW is essential to good health.

What Blocks Lymph Flow?​

Surgeries, injuries, radiation therapy, and removal of lymph structures create scar tissues that block lymph flow.  Modern lifestyles substantially add to impaired lymph function. The Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy offered by our practice will open up the lymphatic cleansing channels to amplify the body's natural detoxification and decongestion systems.

How Does LET Therapy Work?

The LET Therapy® emits a low energy vibration that is safe and relaxing to experience.* It is based upon some early concepts in electro-biology, popular many years ago. We revised and modernized this concept through the application of new research in cell biology, as well as the use of modern electronic circuitry, and a hands-on therapeutic technique. We call this therapeutic system Lymphatic Enhancement Technology. It ENHANCES the transportation of waste, or toxins, out of the body by increasing fluid volume and fluid exchange at the site of lymphatic vessels, as well as in the interstitial spaces between cells. Thus, it also facilitates the transport of immune functions into the cells and organs -white blood cells, etc. When one understands how the lymphatic circulation works in our bodies you can see the value of this therapy system.

LET sessions have been reported by users to:

  • Reduce or eliminate brain fog and negative mind chatter

  • Help increase energy

  • Help balance the autonomic nervous system (fight or flight response)

  • Promote relaxation, which contributes to quality sleep

  • Reduce unwanted fluid retention

  • Enhance productivity, memory, focus and creativity

  • Improve the FLOW of circulating lymph, blood, and bio-energy

  • Enhance the release of toxins through the lymphatic system with vibrational energies

  • Mitigates the 'healing crises' seen with other detoxification therapies

  • Will maximize all of your current lifestyle improvements such as massage & bodywork, nutritional & herbal therapies, physical exercise, skin brushing, esthetic and cosmetic procedures, and mind-body techniques, yoga,

Sessions can be chosen to fit any budget.  Sessions are thirty  minutes, sixty minutes or ninety minutes. A wonderful feeling of restfulness and vitality often follow a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy session. 

single 30 min session: $70

single 60 min session: $135

single 60 min session: $190

4 - 60 min session bundle: $500

4 - 90 min session bundle: $700


Call our office to schedule your session 972-233-8339

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