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Lifestyle Counseling

What is Lifestyle Counseling?

The foundation of traditional naturopathy* is about wellness rather than sickness or disease. The practitioner, therefore, counsels the client on the fundamentals of taking good care of the human body. Cornerstones of such an approach are adequate rest and sleep, proper hydration, a nourishing diet, movement, stress-reduction techniques, and more. Clients may also be provided with suggestions for incorporating play, laughter, and good friends into their daily lives. Humans thrive within community, after all!​

While medications, herbs and supplements help your body heal, true results are related to changes in diet, stress levels and lifestyle. Lifestyle Counseling, in combination with other naturopathic therapies, can help you deal with depression, fatigue, seasonal affective disorder, work-related stress, life events, social support, relationship issues, and health problems—all of these things play a major role in our health holistically.

*Naturopathy never includes minor surgery or prescription drugs, does not cure disease, nor does it diagnose illness or treat symptoms; clients are advised to seek out properly trained professionals that provide such services. You must always speak with your physician before starting any new approach to managing your health, including vitamins, minerals, exercise and other therapeutic modalities. Additionally, you should always seek medical advice immediately if you suspect you have a medical problem or emergency.*

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