Wellness Classes

We are proud to offer our ongoing wellness classes, lectures on topics supportive of health and well-being. We also provide informal, self-directed learning opportunities. Sign-up below to receive our inspiring emails and join a community of health-minded people. 
Empowered Wellness Classes

Are you interested in a class-centered learning experience focused on topics supportive of well-being? Join us as we gather to hear informative lectures from Lona and her wellness partners! Each class is 60-minutes in length and consists of a presentation with questions following. We meet the first Saturday of odd months at 2 pm. 


January 6: 

Foot, Hand, and Nail Analysis with Lona Smith, BCND, CNHP


March 3:

Nourishing Your Body for Spring with Lona Smith, BCND, CNHP


May 5:

The Scoop on CBD Oil with Tricia Wade, LMT



One class: $15

Three-class bundle: $30

Please call 972.233.8339 to reserve your spot. Class-size is limited and sign-up is first-come, first-served. 

Twelve Months to Wellness Monthly Email Course (FREE OF CHARGE!)

We at Texas Biological Medicine, Inc. have found that wellness grows with each small, healthful step taken. And we know that change is often best supported by community. Join us in celebrating the new year while you set attainable goals for your health and longevity! 


Each month you will receive emailed information tailored to support our focus for that month, as well as the ability to connect with other clients participating in the program. We begin in December with suggestions for a relaxing holiday season, then move to January with a focus on proper hydration. We continue the year with topics such as alkalizing the diet, dynamic movement, gratitude and laughter, and more, each month building upon the wisdom gained from previous topics. You will also learn about many of the healers and authors we love to follow and practical considerations for making this healthful knowledge a part of your daily routine. Join us to upbuild your life, one month at a time!