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Stepping Into Health

Did you ever meet a blade of grass

that did not empathically

say yes to bare feet?

We're talking tootsies, toxins, and

tantalizing tidbits for you

and your lifestyle.


Stepping Into Foot Health

The shoe maker always lost gracefully when playing games, he knew there was dignity in de-feet. So do we and we want you to step into foot health so you can keep walking forward in your life.

Tips for Foot Health

Wear a different pair of shoes every day. Wearing the same shoes over and over again contributes to unhealthy feet. Calluses can get thicker because our body builds up on sites where there is continual pressure cause by shoes. You may love that special pair of shoes but they can cause back problems, hip situations, and other gait issues.

Wear supportive shoes that have good arch support and a slightly raised heel reduces stress on the plantar fascia. Even if you have a genetic condition, bad shoes aggravate said condition.

Replace worn footwear. Runners generally Experts recommend runners replace running shoes every 300 to 500 miles, which equates to approximately four to six months for someone who runs 20 miles per week

Place pads into your shoe to soften the impact of walking.

Taping and strapping help support the foot and reduce strain on the fascia.

Custom orthotic devices fit into your shoe and help correct the underlying structural abnormalities causing the plantar fasciitis. They are worth the investment in time and money.

If you have a job that involves standing on hard floors all day or wearing heels, then you may want to invest in a heel cup that will distribute your weight on your feet better.

Make sure your shoes fit properly. Some people are born with one foot larger than the other. If one shoe is a size eight and the other is a size nine, you might want to invest in the right size for each foot. Here is where you can buy shoes when your feet are two different sizes.

Take Care of Your Feet

Foot problems can sometimes foretell a more serious condition such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders. What are you feet telling you about what is happening internally?

Smelly feet always need ZINC! If your feet smell add Zinc Sulfate and B6 to improve digestion. If your fourth toe hurts or is cramping add Taurine and Common Birch - your Gallbladder is reacting to something you ate within the last 24 hours that contains artificial sweeteners.

Are your arches hurting? Add Zinc Sulfate and B6 because your arches are directly connected to your digestion.

Is your big toe on your Right Foot hurting? You need liver support. Try Lipotrophic and Zinc Sulfate and B6.

Is your big toe on your Left Foot hurting? You need Blood Sugar support. Call the office and we need to have session and support your Pancreas.

Is your Balance off? The Kidneys need support. Try extra NADH for three days. If this doesn't correct the issue, call the office and schedule a session.

Vinegar foot soaks are an inexpensive home remedy and can help foot odor, light cases of athlete's foot and toenail fungus, can exfoliate callus', and soothe dry, cracked feet.

How to Make: Use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. The anti-fungal activity of vinegar is powerful. Vinegar has been found to slow the growth of some types of foot fungus.

Being physically active improves your balance, strengthens your muscles and bones, keeps your toes flexible, elevates your mood and reduces your risk of disease. Moderate activity is the best way to exercise the foot muscles and keep them healthy.

Stretch. Exercises that stretch out the calf muscles help ease pain and assist with recovery.

Your Feet Are Amazing

Despite the small size of our foot bones, they are dense and strong and capable of sustaining large amounts of weight-bearing stress.

Interesting Fact: Your foot is made up of 26 individual bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, tendons, and over 100 muscles.

Ideal time to walk: ten minutes immediately following a meal. Your body is working to digest the food you've eaten, which allows you to obtain benefits such as improved digestion and blood sugar management.

Tick Remover: Next time you’re taking a stroll in the woods (no matter how short), or camping or hiking, take along a sticky tape lint roller. Periodically roll it across your skin and clothes. Any ticks that have landed on you will be picked up. You can also do this for your pets.

We are here for you to support you and help you and your family stay healthy. Don't forget to schedule your appointment for a Foot Bath Detox to support your lymphatic system in removing toxins by calling our office at 972-233-8339.

We also offer Telehealth appointments via Zoom and Face Time, as well as, mail products at your request.

Product of the Month -- Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has several important functions:

1. Helps prevent acute respiratory infections especially for those who are physically stressed. (Does that sound like you during Covid-19?)

2. Reduces the risk of chronic disease

3. Protects against immune system deficiencies

4. Manages blood pressure

5. Manages prenatal health problems

6. Lowers the risk of heart disease

7. Prevents gout

8. Prevents iron deficiency

9. Promotes normal growth and development, helps in the production of collagen, L-carnitine, and some neurotransmitters.

10. Metabolizes proteins

11. Maintains healthy skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage

12. Helpful with wound healing.

Vitamin C isn’t produced in our bodies and can’t be stored in your body, so you need it in your diet every day.

The vitamin can be found in:

  • oranges

  • black currants

  • brussel sprouts

  • strawberries

  • kiwi fruit

  • bell peppers

  • broccoli

  • kale

  • potatoes

  • spinach.

For adults, the recommended daily amount for vitamin C is from 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) a day, and the upper limit is 2,000 mg a day. People who smoke should take additional milligrams per day. Large doses of vitamin C should be taken with recommendations from your Naturopathic Doctor.

Although too much dietary vitamin C is unlikely to be harmful, megadoses of vitamin C supplements might cause:

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Heartburn

  • Abdominal cramps

  • Headache

  • Insomnia

Side effects from too much vitamin C are very rare.

Possible Interactions

  • A high intake of vitamin C through supplements, but not diet, may cause kidney stones but this is not confirmed.

  • People with hereditary hemochromatosis, an iron absorption disorder, should talk to their Naturopathic doctor before taking vitamin C supplements, as high vitamin C levels could lead to tissue damage.

  • Some people are allergic to ascorbic acid and other ingredients found in the supplements.

These medications may interact with vitamin C.

  • Exjade (deferasirox)

  • Fergon

  • Ferralet

  • Ferate (ferrous gluconate)

  • FeoSol

  • Fer-Gen-Sol, Fer Iron (ferrous sulfate)

  • Coumadin or Jantoven (warfarin)

  • Birth control pills that contain some form of estradiol, ethinyl estradiol, or mestranol

Facts of Life

Food fact: Did you know that garlic is a rich source of vitamin C?

Interesting Fact: Vitamin C may reduce the levels of vitamin B-12 and copper in your body. One of our recommended vitamin C's below has B-12.

Alcohol Fact: Alcohol consumption tends to diminish many nutrients in the body, including vitamin C. Alcohol also makes it harder for your body to absorb the vitamin.

Smoking Fact: Smoking or Vaping depletes many nutrients in the body, including vitamin C. People who Smoke and Vape require more Vitamin C.

Not All Vitamin C is Equal

These are the brands we use. Each person has a different body and unique ways of handling health. Our office is here to offer education and suggestions that work for you.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code, raw vitamin C. This RAW, food created vitamin C provides heart health support, immune system support, bone support, skin health, eye health, and memory & concentration. This plant based b 12 vitamin includes a RAW probiotic and enzyme blend for digestive support and vegetable blend for additional nutritional support. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and non GMO with no binders or fillers.

Metabolic Vitamin C Powder. The health care professional's choice for high-quality supplements since 1984. Products are based on the latest wellness research and clinical studies, and they use third-party testing for all incoming, in-process, and finished product. No fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. No gluten, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, or magnesium stearate.

QuickSilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C. Liposomal Vitamin C helps with bowel tolerance. Liposomal Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, is the equivalent form of Vitamin C found naturally in foods. Phosphatidylcholine in our Vitamin C Complex provides higher “bioavailability” than standard Vitamin C for much better absorption.

NuMedica C-Bioflav 1000. A Highly absorbable Vitamin C. C-Bioflav 1000™ is a synergistic blend of vitamin C and a potent, standardized complex (50%) of citrus bioflavonoids for optimal efficacy. It has been shown that the combination of vitamin C and bioflavonoids provides powerful antioxidant protection, supports optimal immune function and supports healthy collagen production. Does Not Contain: Milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy.

Walking can slim you down. Drinking Orange Juice boosts your C intake. We call this the weight and see approach.

Texas Biological Medicine is here to help you and your family stay healthy. Call our office at 972-233-8339 to schedule your appointment in-person or via Zoom. We mail products at your request.

Inflammation Checkup Available

Is it time for your annual inflammation check?

Bras Thermography is a safe and pain-free complement to mammography. You can do a whole body scan or your upper body and chest area.

This method provides a scan for early detection of inflammation. Texas Biological Medicine is happy to sponsor Bras Thermography on Friday, August 14 from 9 am to 5 pm. Once you have your scan, you can follow up with us to get a specialized treatment plan to counteract the inflammation in your body.

Please call Chip Gilmour at 502-895-1224 to schedule your appointment.

Healthful Information

Here's the scoop on flipflops.

Witch Hazel has some magic properties according to Farmer's Almanac.

FDA's complete list of toxic hand sanitizers here. We use essential oil hand sanitizers which are all natural and non toxic.

Here are seven ways to cope with uncertainty in a long read.

Here are ten ways to get back on track after a food binge in case you need a little motivation. We love how they mention staying hydrated.

Last December, the senate canceled votes on the controversial vaccination bill. Here's the article about the vote and a reminder that you need to know which candidates share your opinion about vaccinations.

FYI: The average age of the oldest-ever people has increased over the past 40 years from around 112 to around 114.

Give Yourself A Break

Tired of looking out your window? What if you could look outside a window in different parts of the world? Try the free window swap.

Have you always wanted to learn to remember names. Here's the scoop.

How to give yourself a massage.

This cartoon about unconditional love may make you smile.

What your doodles mean.

Make homemade slime.

Other News

Sleep better: Everyone knows the spiel: stick to your bedtime routine, take your L-Tryptophan Supplement when you are restless, turn off your electronics an hour before bed. You could try a weighted blanket, nighttime teas, and lightweight pajamas. This bear only needed a small pool to fall asleep. Article here.

People are into sharing and this article steps you through how to share a nanny.

Your gut holds the secret to glory.


Learn how to cut a pineapple on this YouTube video.

Successful ways to help from new healthy habits using astrology.

Let's go see what is happening at the Georgia Aquarium.

Visit the Louvre.

Take a virtual tour of Yellowstone.

Two people, when laughing together, feel more emotionally connected. Find something that will make you laugh today.

This Office Reads

"Books were my path to personal freedom."

Oprah Winfrey

Lona is reading:

The Vitamin Cure for Eye Disease: How to Prevent and Treat Eye Disease Using Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation by Robert G. Smith, Ph.D. This text will be an indispensable tool for people seeking therapeutic, natural help for specific eye diseases as well as those wanting to maintain their healthy eyes later in life.

Tricia is reading:

Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins by Thomas E. Levy, M.D. This book provides the information you need to most effectively use vitamin C to prevent, cure, reverse and/or greatly improve a massive list of health conditions. This information is accurate about Vitamin C and we caution about his Lipospheric Vitamin C as it is SOY Based.

Ramona is reading:

Its Time to Pray by Carter Conlon. The most powerful thing we can do in our lives is PRAY! The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and to pray about everything. Words have the power to change our lives. Pray out loud when possible.

Laughter is Medicine

Stop dragging your feet and laugh.

In order for the mouse to get by the cat and steal the cheese he put squeakers on his feet.

I find learning about podiatry is fairly easy because the learning manuals all use footnotes.

The ballerina had to give up on her dream because dancing was too-too painful on her feet.

The shoe maker always lost gracefully when playing games, he knew there was dignity in de-feet.

A pirate never has sore feet because they are always sitting on their booty.

Stepping Into Cooking

A source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, watermelon is high in beta carotene and potassium. It also heals poison ivy. Just rub it on, let your skin dry, and you will see the result the next day.

Here are forty watermelon recipes.

Their are seven ways to top your salads if you like variety right here.

YouTube How To's.

One skillet chicken pot pie.

Four easy nut butter recipes.

Garlic Potatoes with an entire bulb of garlic.

Vitamin C

Powerful Vitamin C smoothie.

Sunshine smoothie.

Blueberry Chia Seed Jam.

Reminder: we will test food products when you come in for your office visit.

Acts of kindness open hearts,

dampen fears, heighten joy,

and creates changes in the world.

Lona Smith

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