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Healthy Living Back to School and Work

August -- vacation is over

and it's time to

get back to school

and work.


Protect Yourself and

Your Children

Many schools are teaching subjects using I-Pads. For some of us this is very exciting. For others, it may have medical consequences. Here is Peter Sullivan's story. A story about a man whose brain called it fun, but his body found EMFs toxic.

So what are the effects of electromagnetic fields on human health?

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez sought professional advice in 2015 when he became concerned about the electromagnetic fields (EMF) that surrounded him in his NYC offices and home.

WATCH this short video of Dr. Gonzalez talking about the dangers of EMF on children.

Here’s your opportunity to learn the truth about 5G, a next generation telecommunications technology, and why it is so harmful to you and your family.

CLICK TO ATTEND this FREE Summit. 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability from August 26 – September 1, 2019. You will learn what electromagnetic fields do to you and your body. You will also find out how to be safe in your environment.

Our office carries EMF blockers for cell phones. We also have EMF blockers for your home and your Wi-Fi as well. You can also purchase them on-line.

This topic is not meant to scare you because you can be safe while using your phone, computer, and electronic tablet.

If you don't have health, you don't have a future.

On-line Supplementation

We wanted to ease you into a new way to shop that will save you money and time. We have a new online website where you can now order those supplements you use frequently. You will save money on shipping, save time, and get your 5% discount.

There are over 1800 supplements available to you and you will support your businesses. We can customize your access on this website so you will see what you ordered in the past. At the same time, you can order new supplements or supplements you are currently buying elsewhere for a 5% discounted rate and view other supplement options.

To sign up: you can access the website HERE

The website will request your First Name, Last Name and Email address. Then you will receive a login and access to ordering over 1800 supplements. Shipping is FREE for orders over $49.00.

We want you to enjoy the same service you have with Texas Biological Medicine and we love seeing you. We understand you are busy and this may make it easier for you to have your Supplements shipped to your front door.

Get Ready to Start The Day

Washington Sleep Medicine Center in St. Louis warns about using the snooze button. If you're hitting snooze and going back to sleep, you could feel groggy or out of it for up to an hour after you finally get up.

An alarm signals the brain to wake up. Repeatedly going back to sleep sends mixed signals to the brain, causing confusion.

Set the alarm for the time you know you will get up and stick with it.

About two weeks before school starts, work with your child to return to a school appropriate sleep schedule.

Science says children who have mastered numbers are ready for an alarm clock. The clock will definitely teach them how to be independent and responsible.

If you are the alarm clock, here are 21 tips for getting stubborn kids out of bed. I especially like starting with I Love You and Good morning.

To make the morning time easier, prepare ahead. Whatever you can get done the night before, get it done. Tasks might include asking a kid to pick out their clothes or figuring out what's for breakfast. It might even include packing a lunch or getting homework done and backpacks ready.

Just Breathe

Science says inhales and exhales can change everything. Slow, gentle breathing is the easiest, fastest, cheapest, safest, and most reliable fix for stress.

By placing your focus on your breath, you can decrease your heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve attention span and even boost positivity.

Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is easy to do and very relaxing. Try this basic exercise anytime you need to relax.

Sit or lie flat in a comfortable position.

Put one hand on your belly just below your ribs and the other hand on your chest.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, and let your belly push your hand out. Your chest should not move.

Breathe out through pursed lips as if you were whistling.

Feel the hand on your belly go in, and use it to push all the air out.

Do this breathing 3 to 10 times. Take your time with each breath.

Deep Breathing

With one hand on the chest and the other on the belly, take a deep breath in through the nose, ensuring the diaphragm (not the chest) inflates with enough air to create a stretch in the lungs.

Take six to ten deep, slow breaths per minute for 10 minutes each day to experience immediate reductions to heart rate and blood pressure.

When it works best: Before an exam or any stressful event.

Fast and Furious Technique

Start with fast and furious breaths, deep, belly breaths. Wind down to calm and collected breathing. This sends feel good endorphins to your brain.

When it works best: when you are upset and your breathing is uneven. This is a controlled way to get back to center.

The Box Breathing Method

Box breathing is a simple technique that a person can do anywhere, including at a work desk or in school.

Sit with you back supported in a comfortable chair and feet on the floor. Close your eyes.

Breathe in through your nose while counting to four slowly.

Feel the air enter your lungs. Hold your breath inside while counting slowly to four. Try not to clamp your mouth or nose shut. Simply avoid inhaling or exhaling for 4 seconds.

Begin to slowly exhale for 4 seconds.

Repeat steps at least three times.

Breathing Exercise for COPD

This article explains the breathing exercise for individuals with COPD.

Breathing is an exercise for the entire family, and can be used in times of stressful situations. This is a great ten minute daily practice that can help you show your children how to manage stress.

There is no medication that does everything breathing does.

Healthy Snacks

Snacks are good for kids because they help them stay focused at school and on homework and give them needed nutrients. When timed correctly, snacks can help kids get the energy they need.

After school, your child may be hungry. It's best to serve something with both protein and fiber. Edamame, a stick of string cheese with a piece of whole fruit, a hard-boiled egg with some baby carrots, or a handful of healthy crackers with a little hummus.

A pick me up could included 1/3 cup cooked oats with 1 Tbsp nut butter and a chopped apple. Season to taste with spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Another option is real juice drinks and smoothies. Real Strawberry milk recipe here. Watermelon Lemonade is an option when it is still hot outside. Recipe here.

Fussy eaters will sometimes drink. Make sure the drink is nutritious. Here are some great kid-friendly smoothies.

Quench The Thirst

When your child tells you they’re thirsty, you should always offer water first.

Infused Water has become a 'thing.' Get your child involved and both of you can tote this to school and work. Some winning combinations include:Pineapple and mint, Cucumber and Watermelon, Watermelon and Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries, a combination of Lemon with Orange and lime.

Coconut Water contains calories and sugars. It makes a healthier choice than other beverages like soda and sports drinks.

Have some sparkling water in the fridge when they want something with bubbles.

Here is the not so good news. Milk tests reveal widespread contamination. One-third of conventional milk contain risky contaminants. Here is an article with detailed information. You have options. Buy unsweetened organic milk, For children who are intolerant to dairy milk, unsweetened plant-based milks are an excellent alternative.

Plant-based milks include hemp, coconut, almond, cashew, and rice. We can work with you and your child to figure out what is right for you and your family.

Texas Biological Medicine is here to help and your family stay healthy. Call our office at 972-233-8339 to discuss customized treatment plans.

Ways to Avoid

Being Over Committed

Remember last year when the extracurricular activities were in full swing? Parents who overextend themselves don't make anyone happy. Say "Not right now," instead of "Maybe."

Instead of saying, "I'll get back to you." say "Oh, I wish I could!" A nice way to soften the no.

If you don't know if you will have time, you don't.

Rule Number 1: Don't make promises you can't keep.

When someone pressures you to do something you can't or don't want to do be honest. "It's just not going to work for me."

Here is a fascinating scientific Formula to Stop You From Wasting Your Time.

If the scientific method doesn't work, here are Three Simple Ways to Avoid Over Committing.

Honor yourself, your word, and your children by saying no.


Our Summer Health Hacks Blog has links to articles explaining the pros and cons of vaccinations. (When the page opens scroll down.)

If you decide to vaccinate your child, we encourage you to try VAC Homeopathic. This homeopathic can support the body through the required vaccines. We can also customize a roller ball supplement which you can apply on the spine five days before the injection and for five days after. This roller ball works with the VAC Homeopathic remedy to help the body not get overwhelmed by the Vaccine.

To make sure your body processes the extra additives in the vaccine, you use this same homeopathic fives days after taking the vaccine as well.

Texas Biological Medicine would like to provide you and your family healthy alternatives. Call our office at 972-233-8339 to discuss customized treatment plans.

August Seasonal Veggies

If you were a vegetable, you'd be a cute-cumber...



Broad Bean







Green Bean











August Seasonal Fruits

You are one in a Melon...



Black Cherry













Prickly pear





August Seasonal Fish

We decided to scale back on the puns...




Red Mullet



Sea Bream


This Office Reads

Lona recommends:

Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health by Dennis Goodman, M.D. Some people are aware that Vitamin K1 is important for blood clotting, but relatively few are aware of Vitamin K2 and its essential role in bone and heart health. K2 is Vital for strong healthy teeth. Dr. Goodman presents the latest and most impressive research studies, as well as insights on diet, exercise, and stress reduction, as a conversation between doctor and patient.

Tricia recommends:

What The Dog Saw by Malcome Gladwell. The most gifted and influential journalist in America, with his #1 bestsellers, The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers, has reached millions of readers. And now the very best and most famous of his New Yorker pieces are collected in a brilliant and provocative anthology.

Ramona recommends:

The Devil's Game; A Fast Paced, Christian Suspense Thriller by Daniel

Patterson. One part thriller, one part suspense, and a touch of romance. The Devil's Game is an uplifting story about a young pastor whose work takes an unexpected turn when a man shows up claiming to be the devil himself.

What kind of school do you go to if you’re...

An ice cream vendor? Sundae school

A surfer? Boarding school

King Arthur? Knight school

A health conscious, I-want-to-help-others? Naturopathic school.

Lunch Box Ideas

Make a meal tonight and lunch tomorrow. 8 School Lunch Ideas from Easy Dinner Leftovers. A thermos can be your best friend when it come to healthy soups.

Here are 8 Adult Lunch Box Ideas that are healthy.

Over 50 Healthy Lunch Recipes.

Healthy kids lunch boxes with 125 lunchbox ideas. You will even find something for picky eaters.

100 Lunch Box ideas from real moms.

Fifteen Healthy After School Snacks your kids will actually eat.

Thirty Five Weeknight Meals that Taste Great as Leftovers.


You've mustard up the courage

to create a

work / school/ play


in a healthy way."

Lona Smith

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