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Summer Health Hacks

Summer temperatures increase

and so does the fun,

let's be healthy

when we are out

playing in the sun!


Summer Swimming Fun

It's time for pool side fun. If you plan to install a pool, here are the Pros and Cons of Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools.

Read all about our Swimming Protocol that will keep you moving towards good health this summer.

Start with Taurine and Common Birch or Silver Birch or Fig Tree.

Taurine – 1 - 2 X a Day for 10 days. (Either open capsule and empty contents in mouth with water or place contents in 1 oz of water room temperature until dissolved. First drink swish in mouth then swallow) after eating.

Common Birch, or Silver Birch or Fig Tree – 25 Drops in 1 oz of water 2 X a Day for 12 days. After eating.

Begin those remedies at the beginning of swimming season and monthly thru swimming season. After every swim take at least 1 Taurine. If you start belching or passing gas before the next remedy time, start the protocol immediately.

Chlorine stops the production of protease (protein digestion) and lipase (fat digestion). When you pass gas that smells you are not processing your proteins. When you belch after eating fatty products, you are not digesting your fats. You can do this protocol anytime you have those symptoms, but definitely monthly during swimming season.


Why is sunscreen better in Europe? Find out here.

This study gives detailed information about the 40 best Organic Sunscreens.

When to Apply Sunscreen: A good way to know when is an optimum time to be in the sun is when your shadow is as long as you are. So, watch the kiddos and their shadow and make sure to apply the sunscreen when their shadow is smaller than they are, until then it is good to get the sun on their skin.

Cocoa Butter which can be found at Whole Foods is one of the easiest ways ways to protect yours skin. It places a protective barrier over the skin and is good for scars and wrinkles. Here is an article about Everything You Need to Know About Cocoa Butter.

Traveling with your children in the car? Don't forget to put the shades up on the sunny side of the car so they don't get sunburned.

After Care for Sunburns. We like Coconut oil and always keep our aloe vera in the refrigerator. Here are some home remedies that also help.

Sunburns can do damage internally and externally. The Kidneys have to process the sunburn for the body so, we suggest additional kidney support for sunburns which includes NADH and BioPlasma.

Sunglasses & Sun Gazing

Sunglasses can be a blessing. We tend to forget we get vitamin D from the sun. We want to remind you to take the sunglasses off your kids for a few moments each day when they are outside. A vitamin D deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world today. In fact, an estimated 40% to 60% of the world’s adult population don’t get enough vitamin D.

Dark tinted glasses block more light than regular sunglasses, but they still don't eliminate harsh glare as do polarized lenses. Here are the Pros and Cons of Polarized Sunglasses.

Read about The Health Benefits of Sungazing. We suggest you do more research if this article appeals to you.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Heat exhaustion is characterized by excessive thirst, heavy sweating, nausea, and feeling lightheaded.

Summertime rule: Drink more water. Sip water every 15 to 20 minutes. When you feel hungry, drink water. Add lemon or lime to your water if you don't like the taste of pure water. Here is an article about Why Hydration is Important.

Hydration Protocol

PTM – 1 - 2 X a Day for 10 days. After eating.

Bioplasma – Dissolve 10 tablets under tongue 3 X a day for 10 Days. No Food or Water 10 minutes before or after. (Concerning the Bioplasma, since it is homeopathic, avoid touching the pellets. Pour them into cap and toss in mouth. Also keep away from cell phones, tablets, microwaves, and televisions).

Begin this protocol at the beginning of summer and monthly thru the summer. Additionally add minerals to your water (we prefer Trace Minerals) and add electrolytes (We suggest Electrolyte Stamina) to your daily regime during the summer and especially any time you participate in Fun Sweaty Activities!

Heatstroke is when the body stops sweating. Sweating allows heat to be released from the body so if you aren't sweating and you should be...

Apply cool water clothes to your skin. When the water evaporates, you'll feel cooler.

Juice Cucumbers. Cucumbers can improve sweat production by increasing hydration.

Caffeine is a diuretic. Let go of the excess coffees and teas and stick to water.

JOEL HARPER, Celebrity trainer, recommends you drink soaked Chia Seeds at breakfast or for an afternoon snack. Chia Seeds float around inside and absorb 9 to 12 times their weight in water, which helps prolong hydration. Do not eat chia seeds if you are already are already dehydrated.

Some individuals wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. If you are one of them and you don't have the urge to pee, you are dehydrated.

Electrolyte Stamina works for leg cramps.

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes

There are numerous plants to place on your porch, deck, and outdoor living spaces that keep the mosquitoes away. Citronella plants, penny royal, and mint all do the trick.

Citronella torches and Bug Zappers also work.

If mosquito's love to bite you carry Mrs. Myers Dryer sheets in lavender. Dab Lavender essential oil around the ankles and wrists. We have not found any of the wrist bands currently being sold to have enough health benefits to take the chemical risk.

CDC confirms oil of lemon eucalyptus as effective as Deet. Read the article here.

Another alternative is TerraShield which is a doTERRA essential oil spray. I personally use the spray and add lemongrass when I hike. This blend is safe for children and you can read about TerraShield here.

Food Contamination and Poisoning

Foodborne Illness Peaks in Summer – What can you do to prevent it?

Year after year we hear and read the same advice: Handle food carefully in the summer because ‘food poisoning,’ is more prevalent in temperatures between 90 and 110 degrees.

Here are some prevention tips:

Clean: Wash hands and surfaces often.

Separate: Don’t cross contaminate. When packing the cooler for an outing, wrap raw meats, poultry and fish securely and separately to keep their juices away from other food.

Never place cooked food on the same plate that previously held raw food unless the plate has first been washed in hot, soapy water.

Cook: Proper temperatures.

Poultry (whole, pieces & ground) 165 °F /74 °C

Ground meats 160 °F /71 °C

Beef, pork, lamb and veal (steaks, roasts & chops): 145 °F /63 °C

Chill: Refrigerate promptly and keep cold food cold.

Stinky, Stinky, Stinky

Make your own deodorant. A quick Google search will provide you with a vast array of recipes. Here’s a simple one:

1/3 cup coconut oil

2 tablespoons baking soda

1/3 cup arrowroot powder

10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (do not use a hot oil such as cinnamon).

The unscented CRYSTAL mineral deodorant has no Aluminum Chlorohydrate and is Paraben Free. We have tested this in our office and found it safe for use.

My love for you is in-tents. Have summer fun and reach out to our office if you find yourself in need of our services or would like to have any of your products tested.

Vaccines in The News

There is a lot of controversy about vaccines.

Should you or shouldn’t you?

Here is an article that spells out some Pros and Cons of getting vaccinated.

This trending article recently went viral: I Do Not Consent

And here is the latest award to a Woman Injured by Flu Vaccine.

Getting vaccinated is your choice. We would like you to have all the facts to help you stay healthy.

Latest News

Monsanto argues Roundup Cancer victim should receive less because of imminent death. Read about it here.

Say No to Glyphosate.

Watch this short film about the dangers in your food and what glyphosate does to your body. You can also read more of about Glyphosate here.

Say Yes to Non-GMO, organic!

Here is another article entitled Shocking News about Beans, Peas, and Potatoes. Our office tests products for our clients to make sure you get wholesome food that nourishes your body.

Is Johnson & Johnson Next?

Here is the news about the Talc Baby Powder case. It pays to have your products tested at Texas Biological Medicine.

Texas Biological Medicine would like to provide you and your family healthy alternatives. Call our office at 972-233-8339 to discuss customized treatment plans.

Free eChecklist

Cancer Proof Your Home

One of my mentors is Nicholas Gonzalez. Every Gonzalez Protocol beginner knows how important it is to remove toxins and cancer-proof your home.

He’s encouraged me and I’m encouraging you to get the latest information from Ryan Sternagel’s powerful, 10 page eChecklist – The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Home eChecklist. Click here to download for free.

This anti-cancer checklist includes everything Ryan and his family have done to remove toxins and cancer-proof their home.

Please don't feel overwhelmed or get frustrated by the number of things you could do; this list is color-coded to help you work through simple changes you can implement today, and those you may need to plan or budget for.

Downloading this checklist will help you take this seriously!

And remember, everyone starts somewhere -- the important thing is getting started!

June Seasonal Veggies

Lettuce celebrate summer...








Early Potatoes


Green Bean






June Seasonal Fruits

You are plum perfect when you eat...

Black Cherry












June Seasonal Fish

Let's mull it over...


Grey Mullet

Red Mullet

Red Snapper


Sea Bream

Sea Bass




I cherry-ish you for reading this blog.

Knock Knock.

Whose There?


Rita who?

Rita lots of good books this summer.

Lona recommends:

Self Heal By Design- The Role Of Micro-Organisms For Health by Barbara O'Neil. Barbara's experience, knowledge and common sense style of lecturing have made her a popular and sought after speaker in Australia. This easy to read book is packed with information that enables the reader to intelligently embrace a lifestyle that works.

Tricia recommends:

PEMF-The Fifth Element of Health: Learn Why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (Therapy Supercharges Your Health Like Nothing Else! You probably know that food, water, sunlight, and oxygen are required for life, but there is a fifth element of health that is equally vital and often overlooked: The Earth's magnetic field and its corresponding PEMFs. These frequencies are absolutely necessary for the human body.

Ramona recommends:

Look Great, Feel Great: 12 Keys to Enjoying a Healthy Life Now by Joyce Meyer. A self-esteem drought plagues America, and many people find themselves in bondage to unhealthy living habits. These habits contribute to the deterioration of one of our greatest resources: our bodies.

Father’s Day Humor

What does your father do for a living?

He’s a magician. He performs tricks, like sawing people in half.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yep, four half-sisters and a half-brother.

What is a frogs favorite summertime treat?


Most people enjoy a refreshing frozen Popsicle on a hot summer day, but they aren't necessarily a healthy snack choice. Some pops contain large amounts of added sugar, but little in the way of nutrition. We wanted to share 5 Healthy Supermarket Popsicles.

Electroylyte-Rich Juice drinks are easy to make. Use frozen Coconut Water with fresh fruit. Don't forget your veggies. Children love frozen carrot and beet juice popsicles.

For the grill we have Fifteen Healthy Barbecue Grilling Recipes for when you are hanging with your grill friends.

Healthy and Sustainable: 12 Ways to Eat Sardines.

Want to make the most of your summer melons? The Greenblender has given us: 17 Smoothie Recipes With Melon.

Can you guess the Filthiest food? Read all about chicken here.

"I relish the moments

we get together.

Now go have

some fun!"

Lona Smith

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