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Why Everyone Loves Mother's Health Hacks

We can dance around

the maypole

as we embrace

Mother's Healing Remedies

in the month of May.



Sometimes We Just Need

A Little Help!

"Don't find fault, find a remedy." Henry Ford

We went looking for interesting health information to share in May in honor of Mother's Day. Some of the old time remedies are still in use today. Mixing the tried and true with excerpts from Mothers Remedies, has been entertaining. The book was written in 1910 by Thomas J. Ritter and Elizabeth Johnstone and can be found in Google Reads.

You'll be glad Dr. Ritter wasn't your doctor and Elizabeth Johnstone wasn't your mother.

Salt for a sore throat. Gargling with one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water can relieve pain and irritation. We also have a spray remedy for sore throats. A few sprays and the sore throat goes away! Great to have on hand just in case. Mama Johnson wrote, "Dissolve a piece of borax the size of a pea, in the mouth and don't talk. It will work like a charm." Borax is natural and good for laundry use, so we don't suggest you ingest this remedy.

Relief for congestion. Try soaking your feet in a mustard bath. In a basin, mix 1 tablespoon of mustard powder in 1 liter of hot water. The mustard draws blood to your feet, which helps relieve congestion. Also an epsom salt bath is great for congestion. Four drops of Breathe essential oil mixed in coconut oil and rubbed on the soles of the feet, the chest and on the back of the spine also relieves congestion. Mama Johnson agreed this worked but she followed up with a warm drink. "Ten cents worth of rock candy, one pint of whiskey." I'm reeling, aren't you?

Ginger for Nausea. Here's a You tube video that explains the benefits and how to use different forms of ginger for nausea. Mama Johnson said, "The oil of Hemlock is a superior remedy in gastric irritation for the stomach." Please, please don't take Mrs. Johnson's advice.

Some remedies are true and some are false. Which ones will you choose?

Witch Hazel for hemorrhoids because it can cool the burn. True. Our suggestion is to support the Gallbladder with Taurine, B6 and Common Birch will resolve the hemorrhoids from the inside.

False: Mama Johnson said, "find a brown puff-ball from the ground, pick out the soft inside part and put it in the nose and let remain for some time."

Suck on a lemon for motion sickness. Science says this may or may not be effective since it works for some and not other people. Ginger and peppermint definitely work for motion sickness. We suggest NADH dissolved in water and sipped to support the fluid in the ears as well.

Mama Johnson said, "Skunk oil has cured colds quickly by rubbing on the chest and throat." No science has been conducted. Who wants to check it out and report back to our office?

Duct tape is twenty five percent more effective for warts than freezing. True. We can also make a homoepathic remedy for warts and they will go away. Warts are viral.

Mama Johnson's sore throat recipe. One half pint olive oil, one half pint ammonia, one egg. Shake till it forms emulsion. This can be used as a blister. Side note: You must watch the throat very carefully as this will blister quickly. Do not try this at home.

A Neti Pot reduces chronic sinusitis when used daily. True

Hay Fever favorite of Mama Johnson: Inhale smoke from ground coffee (sprinkled over coals). So glad we have different ways of heating our house in this modern age. False.

Cranberry juice for UTI's. True. Additionally we suggest Cyto-Redoxin as it helps the bladder remove the toxins creating the UTI. Additionally a UTI can be a yeast overgrowth and we have a great Candida Away supplement that works wonders for UTI's too.

Mama Johnson's cold remedy. "Produce a sweat by placing fruit cans filled with hot water about the patient. This will stop the chilly cold feeling and relieve pain." False. We suggest Bamboo and Path DS for viral, bacterial and pathogenic issues.

Lavender Essential Oil can be use to help promote relaxation and sleep. True. We also like Bach Flower Sleep Remedy. Taken nightly it not only assist with sleep it assists the release of emotional patterns causing the lack of sleep.

"In order to be in good health it is necessary to breathe through the nose." Mama Johnson wrote a whole chapter about breathing through the nose. We like the idea of in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Aloe plants can be used on burns. True it is great to have an Aloe plant in the window sill for those occasions.

The book has a frost bite recommendation. Roasted turnips bound to the parts frosted. Can you picture that in your head?

Chicken soup for colds. True

Mama Johnson's ulcer recommendation,"One tablespoon of melted mutton or even beef tallow while warm; add some spirits of turpentine and one teaspoon of laudanum, stir well." FALSE Do you think her children decided to stay well because getting sick made them sicker? Ulcers are a bacterial imbalance and we have several remedies for relieving the discomfort and assisting the body find balance.

Joking aside, here are a few more old time remedies that keep you well:

Cod liver oil reduces inflammatory markers in insulin-resistant individuals. Many people of a certain age were dosed with this on a daily basis. This article wants you to ask your mother or grandmother if they were forced to do this as children. Other healthy oils are Flax Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Hemp Seed oil.

Here are 14 Healthy Home Remedies hiding in your spice rack.

This article shares Ten Natural Remedies for anxiety relief to include chamomile tea, Omega Threes, lavender essential oil, L-Lysine, 15 minutes of sun, and 21 minutes of exercise.

Baking soda can be used for whiter teeth. And rinse with food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Smile and show me those pearly whites your mama would be so proud of.

LATE BREAKING NEWS - The following link is a trial tracker which keeps you up-dated about the Glyphosate / Round-up trial. (One of our topics in last months blog).

Bayer, who purchased Monsanto last year, is having some problems due to the lawsuit. Their shares have dropped and shareholders are voicing their discontent. Read about it here.

Realizing some of your foods have Round-up in them can be overwhelming. Please don't be discouraged. We understand the science and can help you and your family with concerns about Glyphosates. There are homeopathic remedies to assist your body in removing the Glyphosates as well as liver upbuilding remedies to help the liver with the overwhelm of toxins from our food, water and air.

** Additionally some food suppliers are labeling the Glyphosates (Cheerios etc.). Be aware. The labeling is parts per million. That sounds like just a little bit. Glyphosates are carcinogenic at parts per billion.

Additionally, the LET sessions with Tricia Wade move the lymph (which gets blocked with breathed toxins), move the colon, and helps cells take in nutrients and oxygen and remove toxins naturally. Additionally we add an ionic foot bath afterwards to assist the body in removing the LET dumped toxins.

Texas Biological Medicine would like to provide you and your family healthy alternatives. Call our office at 972-233-8339 to discuss customized treatment plans.


Yo momma's so old her

social security number

is one.

All joking aside, yo mamma said eat your peas. They have been part of the human diet for hundreds of years and are consumed all over the world.

Peas are considered part of the legume family and a starchy vegetable. There are several different varieties and green peas are the most frequently consumed.

Green peas contain a decent amount of heart-healthy minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

This article talks about the health benefits of peas and how green peas stand out as an environmentally friendly food. We all want and need more environmentally friendly food.

Yo mamma said keep the dog out of the plants or else. Everyone knew what or else means.

Plants help with indoor air quality. However, some plants are toxic to animals. If you have pets, you might want to read this article. And be sure to keep the dogs from chomping on your spring bulbs.

EWG posted their 2019 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce (Click here). Yo mama wasn't aware of the pesticide problem when you were a kid. Maybe that's why she encouraged you to drink out of the garden hose.

Today, mama's are health conscious. They realize pesticides creep into your cells from the food system.

EWG created the Clean 15 -- those fruits and vegetables that have fewer pesticides and can be purchased anywhere and the Dirty Dozen. Those are the fruits and vegetables yo mama says need to be organic. We'll list them from the EWG article so that you have a handy-dandy list when you are shopping.

Clean 15

1. avocado

2. sweet corn

3. pineapples

4. sweet peas frozen -- didn't yo mama tell you to eat your peas?

5. onions

6. papayas

7. eggplants

8. asparagus

9. kiwis

10. cabbage

11. cauliflower

12. cantaloupes

13. broccoli

14. mushrooms

15. honey dew melons

Dirty Dozen

Where did the organic carrots go to have a few drinks?

The Non-GMO Salad Bar.

1. strawberries

2. spinach

3. kale

4. nectarines

5. apples

6. grapes

7. peaches

8. cherries

9. pears

10. tomatoes

11. celery

12. potatoes

Be sure to buy organic when you purchase the dirty dozen.

Yo mama doesn't like weeds in the yard. Here are a few links to get rid of them quickly and easily.

All -Natural, Homemade Weed Killer. I don't think I can spray my entire yard with lemon but number one may work.

Make your own natural weed killer.

Here are the eighteen best homemade weed killers.

Wellness Mama talks about Organic Lawn Care: How to Grow a Beautiful Lawn Naturally.

Yo Mama said, I came, I mowed, and I kicked grass.


May Seasonal Veggies

Keep an even Kale...





Bok choy


Brussels Sprout







Collard Greens




Lettuce -- and let us help you become healthy.








May Seasonal Fruits

Orange you glad we give you this list? We do it because you are...







Plums -- plum perfect.




May Seasonal Fish

We find it best to clam up when...




Lobster -- we're feeling crabby.





I am cherry glad you read this blog.


This Office Reads. I hate to spring this on you, but reading is entertaining on a rainy day

Lona recommends:

The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age by Dr. Stephen R. Grundy, M.D. The doctor maps out a new approach to aging well—one that is based on supporting our gut bacteria. The good news -- never too late to support these microbes and give them what they need to help them—and you—thrive.

Tricia recommends:

The Easiest Way by Mabel Katz. The Easiest Way is a practical guide for applying spiritual principles to get past blocks to having what you want in your life. We are the ones making it difficult, and we can learn how to get out of our own way.

Ramona recommends:

Shifting Atmospheres by Dwana DeSilva. The atmosphere around you is alive with unseen spiritual activity—a battle between forces of darkness and light. You can take dominion over the supernatural environment for the Kingdom of God.


A police recruit was asked

during his exam,

"What would you do

if you had to arrest

your mother?

His Answer: I'd call for back-up.


What's so great about whiteboards?

They are pretty re-markable. And so are these recipes:

Here are some healthy pea recipes.

Need a side dish. Broccoli to the rescue with Our 9 Best Healthy Side Dishes.

Cherries are a potent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. They are also in season. so here are 50 Cherry Recipes That Will Dazzle Your Taste Buds. Monkfish is the fish of the month. Go here for How to Cook Monkfish With Lemon and Garlic.

We can't forget yo mama. Here are Healthy Mother's Day recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie. You can follow recipe videos as if you were being taught by mom.

"Dine well today

so you can go dancing


Lona Smith

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