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Reading Hacks for Busy People

Yale research says that reading for pleasure is important for emotional health.

It strengthens creativity, helps our minds work out problems, allows us to learn, and reduces stress.

If twenty minutes a day can do all that, maybe it’s time for us to lay back and read.

Don’t leave home without a book. Have one in your car, one in your purse, one in your home.

Trade in binge watching for quality reading.

Read before you drift off into dreams. (For some, reading promotes sleep).

Join a book club.

Read in short stretches. While drinking coffee, on break, waiting to pick up children, while standing in line, during commute time, etc.

Schedule reading time on your calendar if you are the type that has to list it to get it done.

Here are some popular books that we have in the office. You can read them while you are in the foot bath or waiting to see Lona or Tricia. Or, you can purchase them by clicking on the links below.

Everybody Poops 410 Pounds A Year


What's Your Poo Telling You Activity Book


Joke of The Week

I was just diagnosed with IBS

(Impulsive Book-Reading Syndrome)


Get Moving

Swimming engages most major muscle groups and is the perfect balance of cardio and strength training.

Forty (40) minutes of aerobic exercise (dancing, cycling, swimming or walking) three times a week can reduce cholesterol.

Exercising 1 hour per week can reduce your risk of depression by 44%. (This includes walking).

Spend time shopping for workout clothes. Studies show that what we wear affects what we feel which impacts our ability to get stuff done.

Drink a glass of water. Mild dehydration makes you lethargic and unable to focus.

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