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Teeth Hacks

Don’t you just love the feel of clean teeth? That fresh taste in your mouth after brushing and flossing. Here are a few health hacks to consider once your teeth are clean.

Sip some tea: Oolong tea reduces plaque deposits on teeth. Moderate amounts of green and black tea inhibit bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Sonic toothbrushes: disinfect the mouth below the gumline and eliminate many gum infections.

Re-sensitize your Taste Buds

Consider raw, real, organic, healthy foods. Most people have years of over-stimulation from over-salted and over-sweetened foods. We put real food into our mouth and pass judgment. It just doesn’t seem to be ‘enough’. You can regain the ability to recognize and appreciate a wide variety of subtle flavors in real foods if you give your tongue a chance. So stop the judgement and start playing with your food in new and different ways. A habit only takes twenty one days.

Upgrade your vegetables. Use lots of herbs – garlic, ginger, lemon wedges, toasted nuts, high quality finishing oils like roasted sesame, walnut, or chili oils.

Upgrade your sweets. Eat berries and fruits in season – organic fresh and frozen. Try an exotic fruit and savor the flavor. Fruit smoothies and sorbets help you let go of the junk and embrace real food.

Spice It Up: Garlic, cayenne, ginger, turmeric, cilantro, and cinnamon. All of these have a positive effect on your body and help you re-sensitize those buds on your tongue.

Here are a few ways to stop Grinding Teeth:

Kyrene Family Dentistry posted a great article -- Five Natural Remedies for Teeth Grinding.

The number one way to keep your mouth clean is to eat a natural diet.

What if you decided to choose to eat differently? What else would be possible for your body and your teeth?

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