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About Biological Medicine

Utilizing proper diet, detoxification, and awareness of individual nutrient levels, biological medicine supports the body to find its own balance. With special attention given to holistic nutrition, lifestyle, and the mind/body connection, clients are empowered to continue on their journey with a sense of wellness and self-knowledge. 

Biological Medicine does more than simply alleviate symptoms, we look for the cause of those symptoms in order to resolve the underlying issue. The body's natural state is health and as a regenerative, self-healing system the body is constantly trying to restore its power to heal itself. If we focus on up-building the body nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually, we can support the body to find its natural state of health.

As Thomas Rau, M.D., medical director of the Paracelsus Klinik of Switzerland states, "We call our medicine biological because it uses the methods of life itself – it is 'bio-logical.' In the condition we call health, the body is in a constant conversation with the world around it, taking in nutrition, responding to threats of infection, growing and repairing and detoxifying, all happening moment by moment, in a rich symphony of life."

In biological medicine, the focus is on seeking to understand the client's biological terrain, then balance it through natural methods. The practitioner is an educator on holistic living; she does not "fix" the client and is not interested in diagnosing or curing. Thus, the relationship between practitioner and client is one of teacher to student. The end result of such learning is that the client is able to mind his/her own body and reclaim its innate wellness. 

"Simply put we do it differently, but it follows the logic of the body...[w]e treat

the whole body, not just the symptoms." - Thomas Rau, M.D. 

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